“Decidiste dejarme”, Camila, Elypse.

March 24, 2014

“The song is the devil in sheep’s clothing”, says Mario Domm describing “Decidiste dejarme”, the first single of Elypse, the third and much-anticipated album by Camila, after a transforming two year hiatus. He is right; we can see it in the music video, which starts out peacefully in black-and-white only to transform itself with the fury of the guitars, voices, piano and drums; a sort of luminous assault on the senses that leaves a smile on our faces. As the composer notes, this song transmits the reincarnation of the now duo, “without rules, without comfort, without limits, without fear.”
“It’s a song that begins and ends in the style Camila is known for, with piano, voice and guitar, but that in its chorus shows a bipolar transformation, a change that moves from water to fire,” adds Pablo Hurtado, whose guitar sounds are angry and magnificent at the same time, acknowledging a drastic change in the history of the project without eliminating the original elements.
“It’s passionate, courageous,” adds Mario with a smile. He knows that the lyrics he wrote with Mónica Vélez (his main composition ally) can be explained clearly, without coded messages as some could claim. “You decided to leave me, you fired first. Don’t you even dare come near me,” says the chorus which prefers passionate confrontation to passive resignation. That is the message.
“Decidiste dejarme,” is an evocation of Camila, but a new Camila this one set on fire,” Mario and Pablo agree. In the album you’ll find a total of 12 songs which feature a mix of orchestral and eclectic sounds, from: electronic, blues, rock, and especially that familiar Camila sound and essence we know we can trust. The musical essence that has made Camila the most significant pop group in Latin America. Ellipse (“Elypse” in Spanish) can be defined as “a point moving in a plane so that the sum of its distances from the other two points are constant.” This musical album is titled with this in mind and will be experienced by a cinematically visual concert tour. The line has been drawn, now let the echo begin.